Former VP Mike Pence Is Narrating a Docuseries About Rush Limbaugh for Fox Nation

By A.J. Katz 

Before he became a congressman, a governor and most recently vice president, Mike Pence was a talk show host based out of Indiana who described himself as “Rush Limbaugh on decaf.” This ostensibly meant that while a conservative, Pence was not quite as loud as Limbaugh, the well-known conservative talk radio host who died last month at age 70.

It was announced Friday that “Rush Limbaugh on decaf” will narrate a four-part limited series about the late talk radio host that will live on the Fox News streaming service Fox Nation.

The series, titled The Age of Rush, will debut Wednesday, March 10, and documents Limbaugh’s childhood beginnings in the hometown of Cape Girardeau, Mo., to his eventual place as the most influential conservative radio talk show host of all time. Featured guests throughout the series include his producer, James Golden, aka “Bo Snerdley,” along with fellow radio hosts (and Fox News mainstays) Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Brian Kilmeade, Mark Steyn and Larry Elder, as well as FNC anchor Bill Hemmer, MediaBuzz’s Howard Kurtz and FNC contributor Newt Gingrich.


THR’s Alex Weprin was on the announcement early.