Former ‘GMA,’ and ‘Early Show’ EP Shelley Ross Reviews ‘Morning Glory’

By Alex Weprin 

TVNewser already gave you a roundup of some of the reviews for the new movie “Morning Glory,” which stars Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton and Rachel McAdams as the anchors and executive producer of a fictional network morning show, “Daybreak.”

There was, however, one more review we wanted to highlight.

Former “Good Morning America” and “Early Show” executive producer Shelley Ross reviewed the film for Newsweek, and it is a great read.


I more than humbly acknowledge that I bear no resemblance to the stunning McAdams or her fictional character. Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton, however, are, hauntingly at times, dead ringers for Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer, whom I produced for more than five years in the morning.

In fact, seeing the passive-aggressive Ford character peering down his nose over his reading glasses in the editorial meetings nearly gave me a rash. Ford’s brilliantly familiar Mike Pomeroy embodies Gibson’s Princeton snobbery as he turns to his young producer and sniffs, “No polish, no pedigree.” Coanchor Colleen Peck (Keaton) is a former beauty queen, as is (wink, wink) Diane Sawyer. She is also very game in the morning, willing to kiss frogs for the camera, dance in pink tutus, and get in the ring with a sumo wrestler.

Recalling a scene in which Pomeroy (played by Ford) sits down on a park bench to explain to Fuller (played by McAdams) to give her sage advice about “how it all turns out,” Ross contrasts it to her experience:

You see, I never got a nice chat on a park bench. If I may share how it really turns out: despite my 80-hour weeks, my loyalty, integrity, and documented success, I got to read a headline on Drudge that I had been fired. Then I was vilified with every sexist cliché, all just days after signing a new three-year contract.

The whole review is worth checking out, read it here.