Anheuser Busch Sues Major League Baseball Over Sponsorship Deal

By Alex Weprin 

In a shocking move, Anheuser Busch–one of the country’s largest advertisers–has filed suit against Major League Baseball, alleging that the league reneged on an agreement the two entities signed in April.

Essentially, the alcoholic beverage maker said it signed a deal in April to renew its deal as beer sponsor of MLB. It claims that MLB came back to them at a later date asking the deal to be renegotiated due to “a change in marketplace dynamics.”

In a statement provided to SportsNewser, a spokesperson for Major League Baseball seems to indicate that there is still more to this story that needs to be uncovered.


“Major League Baseball Properties hasn’t been served with the complaint and our lawyers have yet to review it. We don’t normally discuss active litigation however we have a different view of what has been reported.”

We will keep following the story. Stay tuned…