Former CNN Correspondent’s Case Against Network Heads to U.K. Employment Tribunal

By Mark Mwachiro 

Photo of freelancer Saima Mohsin

Saima Mohsin a former CNN International correspondent, has won the right to face the network in front of a U.K. employment tribunal after having sued the network for unfair dismissal, disability, and unequal pay.

This case stems from Mohsin’s freak injury while on assignment for CNN in Jerusalem in 2014. According to Mohsin, a CNN camera operator caused the injury by running over her foot, causing tissue damage and chronic pain. This action left her unable to control her foot. Despite extensive physiotherapy, Mohsin still lives with chronic pain and says she is frequently bedridden with pain.

Deadline, which first reported the news, said that CNN kept her on board for another three years but terminated her contract after she requested alternative duties and support as she went through rehab.


At a preliminary hearing, the network argued, according to the PressGazette, that the UK employment tribunal did not have jurisdiction to hear the case and that the Equality Act 2012 and Employment Rights Act 1996 “did not apply on the grounds of territorial jurisdiction.”

The judge at the preliminary hearing agreed with Mohsin and allowed the case to move forward to a full tribunal at the London Central Employment Tribunal. The exact date for when the hearing will take place is still to be determined.

In a statement after the ruling, Mohsin said, “I won! I have won my right to have my case against CNN heard here in the UK. CNN had challenged the Tribunal’s jurisdiction and tried to deny that I had a right to bring my claims here. But this decision means I can now finally have my case heard in England. The Tribunal has ruled in my favour and found it has jurisdiction to hear my case on: unfair dismissal, disability discrimination, victimisation, failure to make reasonable adjustments, and equal pay.”

She added, “CNN didn’t need to exacerbate my pain & suffering by dragging this through court. I have constantly offered reinstatement or mediation & negotiations. I didn’t ask for this battle while learning to deal with an invisible disability and rebuild my life. But it was important I take a stand.”

CNN did not comment on the case when contacted by TVNewser.

Mohsin is currently a freelancer presenter for Sky News.