For Chris Cuomo, A Bright Future At GMA

By Brian 

Charlie Gibson. Matt Lauer. Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo, the new news anchor of Good Morning America, says he’s never considered it.

But it sounds like GMA senior executive producer Jim Murphy has.

“I look at Chris in much the same way people at NBC looked at Matt Lauer ten years ago,” he told TVNewser this afternoon.

Murphy and his colleagues were looking for “a really good news anchor who would bring a lot of other talents to the game.” He described Cuomo as an aggressive reporter and booker with a long history of award-winning crime and justice stories. “Plus he’s an interesting, fun guy,” Murphy added.

The promotion has been in the works for a few weeks. Before making the deal, Cuomo had “months,” not years, left on his contract.

Some observers have suggested ABC is lacking a strong pool of TV talent. Referring to Cuomo and Bill Weir, one insider asked last week: “Is that the best they’ve got?”

Murphy response to the “bench” question is simple: “One morning show just went outside for its new anchor. It wasn’t ABC.”

Cuomo said he has dreamed of the GMA job since joining the network in 1999.

“I can’t believe there is anybody, man, woman or child, in this business or otherwise who wouldn’t want the job,” he said. “I feel very flattered and fortunate to be given this opportunity.”

Murphy said Cuomo will be covering big stories at their source, the way he did for the JonBenet Ramsey arrest last week. His first official day at the news desk is Tuesday, Sept. 5…