Cramer Names “Chump Executive Officers”

By Brian 

I should have posted this last week: Jim Cramer‘s Thursday night segment on the top five “Chump Executive Officers in America” was must-see TV on CNBC.

“There are some executives who are so bad that I think their stocks could move up to 10 to 20 percent if it just came over the tape right now that the CEO was leaving for ‘family’ or ‘personal’ reasons,” Cramer declared. He told the audience: “You’re going to write these names down and you’re going to buy call options or do something to take advantage” of their status.

The five CEO’s were: Marsh & McLennan’s Mike Cherkasky, Avon’s Andrea Young, Bausch & Lomb’s Ronald Zarella, Home Depot’s Bob Nardelli, and Bristol-Myers’ Peter Dolan