FNC’s James Rosen: State Department’s Admission in Edit Case ‘A Significant Moment’

By Mark Joyella 

Fox News Channel correspondent James Rosen said the admission Wednesday by the State Department that video of a media briefing had “deliberately” been edited represents “a significant moment.”

On FNC’s The Five, Rosen said questions remain–first among them, who was it that ordered the edit. “We have the United States government essentially admitting here that its spokespeople lied from the State Department podium, they admitted it…and then tried to cover up that admission.”

Fox News contributor and The Five co-host Dana Perino, who is of course well versed in the workings of government and media relations, said the State Department’s explanation “falls well short of acceptable,” and that there should be no problem identifying the person who directed Rosen’s questions about Iran be removed.


“They can figure this out in about five minutes,” said Perino. “It had to be a political appointee who made this call,” Perino said, because a bureaucrat would never make such an edit unless the order “came from somebody very powerful.”

Rosen said he expected questions to be asked at The White House about the doctored video–which has since been restored to include Rosen’s questions. “I’m honored to play some small role in holding our public officials to account,” he said.