Scarborough: Attack on ‘Sleazy’ Media Shows Trump at ‘His Thin-Skinned Worst’

By Mark Joyella 

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe Thursday, co-host Joe Scarborough said yesterday’s testy news conference with presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump showed the candidate at “his thin-skinned worst,” as his anger at the media overshadowed an otherwise positive story, donations to veterans’ groups.

Huffington Post senior politics editor Sam Stein described the news conference as a “tirade against the media about holding him accountable for his words.”

“He’s getting more combative, he’s getting more thin-skinned, he’s getting worse on the stump, not better,” said Scarborough.

Panelist Mike Barnicle called the news conference, where Trump called a network correspondent a “sleaze” for pressing the candidate, a “charitable contribution” to Hillary Clinton on the issue of presidential temperament.