Fire and Fury Is Fastest Selling Book Ever for Henry Holt

By Chris Ariens 

Michael Wolff‘s new Trump tell-all Fire and Fury has set a new record for publisher Henry Holt.

The book, which was released last Friday–four days early–is already in its eleventh printing with more planned. The company has 1.4 million hardcover books on order and will have shipped more than 700,000 copies to date. Fire and Fury will debut on The New York Times Best Sellers list as the No. 1 nonfiction title on Jan. 21, and that’s just based on two days of sales.

“The magnitude of demand for ‘Fire and Fury’ was so unprecedented that we felt the only thing to do was break from our planned publication date, which [Henry Holt parent company] Macmillan has never done in our memory,” said Don Weisberg, president of Macmillan Publishers.


Publishing early has brought risks: from the minor, like copy editing missteps, to the more consequential, including a cease and desist letter from the lawyer for the president of the United States.

“It is one thing to advance the on-sale date, but it’s a separate issue when you don’t have enough copies printed to even satisfy demand,” Idea Logical CEO Mike Shatzkin told Adweek earlier this week.

Henry Holt is also the publisher of Bill O’Reilly‘s “Killing” series of books as well as Bernie Sanders‘ Guide to Political Revolution.