Finally, The Carlson/MSNBC Press Release

By Brian 

Quoting the press release: “Tucker Carlson will join MSNBC, it was announced today by Rick Kaplan, President of MSNBC. Carlson will start with the network next week and will host a primetime program at 9:00 p.m. (ET). The program is in development and will debut in second quarter.”

Notice that the press release focuses on Carlson’s journalism chops, not his Crossfire commentator role. TV Week says former Connie Chung and Deborah Norville executive producer Bruce Perlmutter will be the EP.

  · By the way, this morning Lloyd Grove said Carlson is bringing an “ace booker” from CNN with him to MSNBC — but Grove got it wrong. Apparently the staffer will be his assistant. MSNBC primetime folks have been buzzing about the announcement. “You’ve got a lot of catty people here waiting for this show to be announced and they’re all on pins and needles about who is going to have what role on the new show,” an insider says…

  · Update: 5:45pm: “I am very happy to be able to officially announce that Tucker Carlson will be joining us to host a show in our 9:00 p.m. hour,” Rick Kaplan said in an internal memo today. “Tucker will begin appearing on MSNBC as early as next week and we are in development on the show itself.  Look for that in the next few months. Bruce Perlmutter and his team will produce.  As you know, I worked with Tucker at CNN for years and he is just terrific. He will be a tremendous asset to us and our network.”

Quotes from Kaplan and Carlson are after the jump…

“This is a tremendous opportunity to do something creative and original in cable television,” Carlson said in the release. “MSNBC is on the move and I’m thrilled to join the team.”

“Tucker and I have a long history together and I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with him at MSNBC,” Kaplan says. “He is without a doubt one of the sharpest minds and best writers in this business. His passion and enthusiasm are both energizing and remarkable. He is truly a pleasure to work with.”