FBN’s Strange Inheritance Host Discusses Her Favorite Destinations

By Brian Flood 

FBN’s Strange Inheritance will air it’s mid-season finale tonight at 9 p.m. ET and to celebrate, host Jamie Colby is featured in a variety of publications. Colby is featured in Luxury Travel magazine where she discusses places the show has taken her and her favorite destinations so far:

I’ve really enjoyed the places I might not have visited had it not been for this show like the Willamette Valley region in Oregon where an 8-year-old inherited his father’s winery. Seeing Mt. Hood peek through the clouds while sampling Brooks Winery’s Pinot was memorable.

I was truly moved by the magnificent cloud formations of Montana. It certainly deserves to be called big sky country. I’m a huge fan of anything Texan and we visited an inherited, rebuilt frontier fort this season that was inhabited by General Robert E. Lee.

I’ll also always remember my news travel too covering Papal conclaves in Rome and the devastation I’ve witnessed covering the Asaian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina not obviously for the beauty of the locations in the aftermath but for the significant difference my Fox crew and I were able to make in people’s lives.

So what are Colby’s favorite hotels?

This season the Waldorf Astoria Key West was heavenly. Dinner on the beach with your toes in the sand is pretty tough to beat especially when you are on the reporting beat finding serenity anywhere you can. The two concierge’s at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, DC are the most seasoned I’ve seen. The Mizpah hotel (see Wikipedia) in Tonopah Nevada where an heir inherited a goldmine is rumored to be haunted but we had a great stay.

Meanwhile, Colby is also featured in Northern Virginia Magazine and Fairfax County Times, where she compares her show to Storage Wars and what is means to her.

This takes me a generation or two back often time to learn how we got here. And a lot of these items tell a story. Like the bloody Civil War sleeve that ended up being General Pickett’s. It took me back to fifth grade history class of Pickett’s Charge. We ended up meeting his great great great grandson who was embarrassed to be a Pickett because Pickett’s Charge led to the death of so many soldiers. But in the end it wasn’t horrible to be a Pickett when we really researched the history of his relatives.