FBN Host Stuart Varney Clarifies Weinstein Coverage Comment

By Chris Ariens 

FBN host Stuart Varney is setting the record straight about some off-the-cuff comments he made earlier this morning about the Harvey Weinstein story.

As a panel on Maria Bartiromo‘s show was discussing the coverage of the story, including “NBC and their political agenda” and that “SNL spiked all the jokes” about Weinstein, Varney commented, “This is a bombshell right in the middle of the liberal media and, of course, liberal Hollywood and I am loving every second of it.”

That raised some eyebrows, which lead to this explanation from Varney in the 10 a.m. hour:


“I want to make something very clear. In every segment since this disgusting story broke I have been crystal clear that I am appalled and outraged by what Harvey Weinstein allegedly did. My comment there was strictly about the liberal hypocrisy in the media and in Hollywood, and no one should construe it in any other way.”