Evening Notes

By Chris Ariens 

Fox News Channel‘s Adam Housley is blogging about covering the fires in Southern California; the Pepperdine grad is also using his handheld camera where he can, when he can to capture the images.

• World News with Charles Gibson has its fourth and final single sponsor broadcast this month. Part of the extra five minutes will be devoted to a report from Dan Harris, who looks at an organization in Oregon working to strengthen marriage and prevent divorce.

Brian Williams welcomes viewers to his new studio tonight. But he welcomed MSNBCers to 30 Rock first: “To all the new arrivals from MSNBC: welcome to your — OUR — new home.” An MSNBC insider tells me “So far, no NBCers have kicked us in the shins or stolen our lunch money…and the place is loaded with free food, which we all know is the key to true happiness and harmony in the workplace.”


The NBC News assignment desk, in an establishing shot for the open of NBC Nightly News, looking toward Brian Williams‘ studio.