ESPN Not Quitting 3D Anytime Soon

By Noah Davis 

Last week, we argued that ESPN wasn’t ready to quit 3D. If a new study conducted by the Worldwide Leader is any indication, we were correct.

The basic gist: “Compiling results from more than 1,000 testing sessions and 2,700 lab hours, ESPN has concluded that fans are comfortable with the medium and even enjoy it more than programming in HD.”

And then there’s the corporate spin from Artie Bulgrin, senior vice president of ESPN Research + Analytics.


“The results from this comprehensive research project support what we have said time and time again – fans have a higher level of enjoyment when viewing 3D. Plus, for advertisers, this study provides good news on the level of fan engagement when viewing 3D ads. This study will help us continue to develop ESPN 3D as an industry leader for event-based 3D viewing.”

That’s all well and good but one question – and this is serious: Has anyone you know ever actually watched an ESPN broadcast in 3D? Can you tell us how it was?