Erin Burnett Returns From ‘Baby Boot Camp’

By Mark Joyella 

CNN’s Erin Burnett returns from maternity leave tonight, two months after the birth of her daughter, Colby, who was born July 18. Burnett’s first child, Niles, turns two in November.

“Sixteen hours after an unplanned C-section, I was carrying around my 30-pound toddler,” Burnett told FitBump in an interview about her post-pregnancy fitness routine. “That was boot camp!”

Burnett says having two kids has completely changed her philosophy around staying healthy–especially with a demanding job:

I’ve made caring for my kids my fitness. I use my daughter as a weight around the house; in the 10- to 12-pound range, a new baby can help you firm up! I do lunges as I walk the stroller. And now my daily long walks involve one baby strapped to me in a carrier as I push a smaller, heavier stroller. Picking up toys nonstop and giving “uppies” to my toddler, focusing on using my legs not my back, helps, too. I do leg lifts and basic Pilates on the living room floor while playing with my son when I can. It’s not at a set time and it’s not a set routine. But it helps me make progress and feel some muscle burn. I’m not aiming to look perfect in a couple months.