Engel Working On War Docu. For MSNBC

By Brian 

NBC News Middle East Bureau Chief Richard Engel is working on a documentary about Iraq. It’ll air on MSNBC on March 21 — the fourth anniversary of the war.

“Part of the purpose of this documentary is to show some of the stories that we’ve been living ourselves through, and to try and show… what [it] has been like for me,” Engel said on Meet the Press yesterday.

> Also: In his proposal for the doc, Engel wrote: “As Iraq has changed, I have changed. The war has cost me my marriage. I’ve had friends killed and kidnapped, survived bombings and attempts on my life. I have seen Iraqis freed from the numbing, terrifying fetters of totalitarianism, and had their lives destroyed by the religious bigotry, ignorance, greed and opportunism unleashed by this war. It has changed my outlook. Violence and cruelty now seem, to me, to come easily to mankind; a new belief that disturbs me. But I am also more appreciative of how quickly life can turn for the better, or for the worse…”