CBS Features “The Caregivers” This Week

By Brian 

For the next three nights, the CBS Evening News will feature The Caregivers: “a series on caring for the elderly.” Quoting the press release: “Millions of baby boomers in America are now having to care for their aging parents, even as they still raise their own children… CBS News examines the important issues and problems real people are facing, offering viewers real solutions.”

Sound familiar? Last week, NBC Nightly News aired a similar series called “Trading Places.”

“Immitation being the sincerest form of flattery is one thing, but I’m dumbfounded by this one,” an e-mailer says. “This is the very latest in a long string of direct ripoffs of NBC series…”

Unlike NBC, the CBS series “will profile real people as opposed to high profile anchors,” another e-mailer says…