Ed Bradley Dead: Notes & Quotes

By Brian 

> Frazier Moore, AP: “Ed Bradley, the award-winning television journalist who broke racial barriers at CBS News and created a distinctive, powerful body of work during his 26 years on 60 Minutes, died Thursday. He was 65…”

> Steve Gorman, Reuters: “Along with African American contemporaries like Max Robinson of ABC News and Bernard Shaw of CNN, Bradley began his career as a broadcast journalist in the midst of the nation’s civil rights movement…”

> Michael Learmonth, Variety: “Bradley had been ill for some time but remained active on 60 Minutes. He interviewed the three defendants at the center of the Duke rape scandal in his final story for the network in October…”

> Peter Johnson, USA Today: “Bradley had a knack at being able to put subjects at ease while asking the tough questions. This was visible whether it was hard news or something on the lighter side — such as covering musicians or entertainers…”

> Diane Werts, Newsday: “Over the intervening 25 years… Bradley distinguished himself journalistically with reports on a wide range of topics, from sexual abuse in the Catholic church to the Columbine school killings to reopening the murder case of civil rights era victim Emmett Till, which won Bradley his 19th news Emmy last year…”

> Maureen Ryan, Chicago Tribune: “It’s hard not to also think of him as one of the coolest news guys who ever graced our TV screens. It wasn’t just the earring…”

> USAToday.com has dozens of comments about Bradley. They’re piling up on CBSNews.com too