Early Morning: CNN Live With Appeals Court ; FNC, MSNBC Stick WIth Chyron

By Brian 

When the Court of Appeals denied the parent’s rqeuest to reinsert Schiavo’s feeding tube, CNN was the only network with live coverage (courtesy of CNNI in London). “Fox and MS must be thankful for their chryon operators!,” an e-mailer says. “At 2:40am, Fox and MSNBC are in repeats but are using a breaking news graphic over old programming. CNN is not only telling the information, they have a guest adding color to the story.” CNNI coverage was on and off until at least 3:15am…

> “CNN’s programming included several long phoners with Matt Smith, CNN producer in Atlanta who read the information. It helps to staff those stories overnight,” a viewer writes in.

> “FNC and MSNBC were both looping programming from earlier in the day — it was kind of surreal, since the anchors on tape kept saying we may hear any minute and speculating, while the updated crawls all were reporting the ruling,” an e-mailer says.

> Update: 4:20pm: FNC was the first network to report the Appeals Court news, at 2:33am, a tipster says. MSNBC was second and CNN was third.