Dylan Ratigan: “Locker Room Repartee”?

By Alissa Krinsky 

Broadcasting & Cable‘s Marisa Guthrie takes CNBC’s Dylan Ratigan to task: “On Friday morning’s edition of The Call,” Guthrie says, “CNBC correspondent Melissa Francis, who was reporting on frenzied gasoline trading from NYMEX, asked Ratigan: ‘Is it as crazy on your exchange as it is here?’ Ratigan’s comeback: ‘I think if I was blond and beautiful I could draw a big crowd.’ Francis, visibly irked, responded: ‘That’s not what it is all about.’ Ratigan was obviously chastened, and (mercifully) put his locker room repartee on ice for the remainder of the broadcast.”

Guthrie then cites another on-air conversation last week, on the Ratigan-anchored Fast Money, which Guthrie says featured sexist banter by show guests.

CNBC had no comment for Guthrie. “CNBC touts itself as the business news leader,” she writes. “So why is Ratigan (and CNBC) stooping to such lowest common denominator antics?”