Don’t Underestimate Katie

By Brian 

Some random opinions about Katie Couric‘s possible jump to the CBS anchor chair, via this Reuters story headlined “Can Couric become new generation’s Cronkite?”

> Dave Smith, chief executive officer of SmithGeiger LLC: “It’s a stretch. She has the name-face recognition but her major appeals are comfort, lightness, a real sense of personality, which are not necessarily the kinds of qualities that translate into evening and breaking news.”

> Paul Kagan, chief executive officer of PK Worldmedia Inc: “I think people who say she lacks the gravitas are underestimating Katie. She’s not going to giggle her way through the news. She’d bring a different and larger audience without losing any of the respect.”

> Dan Wilch of consultancy Frank N. Magid Associates: “If they’re smart, they’ll build the show around her strengths. If they’re dumb, they’ll try to stick her in a Dan Rather format.”