Woodruff/Vogt Injuries To Cause A “Further Chilling Effect” On TV War ?

By Brian 

In a commentary on MSNBC.com, Ann Curry adds her two cents about last week’s “ratings strategy” headline in the New York Times. “The truth is, reporting on the war appears to be a big ratings loser,” she says. “Consistently, the American people have chosen not to watch in-depth reporting on the war.”

She continues:

  Will the wounding of Woodruff and Vogt have a further chilling effect on television war coverage? Yes is my bet — at least for the short term.

But if I and many reporters of like mind can have our way, the chilling effect will not last long — we can’t afford to let it.

We live in historic times that demand us to rise against our fears. Each one of us must find the courage to do what we can to leave our children a safer world. News organizations must report the truth, even if America may not want to hear it.

And America must find the courage to stay informed.

Should we expect more “Curry commentaries” like this?