Donald Trump Overruled Risqué Saturday Night Live Skits

By Chris Ariens 

Donald Trump says he vetoed a couple skits for tomorrow’s Saturday Night Live because he was nervous about how they’d play across the heartland.

“There were a couple that were too risqué,” Trump told Bill O’Reilly in an interview airing tonight. “You know, the poll just came down, I’m leading in Iowa, I want to stay leading in Iowa.”

Trump ventured across Sixth avenue to chat with the O’Reilly Factor host in O’Reilly’s Fox News studio, in between rehearsals for tomorrow’s hosting gig at NBC’s 30 Rock.

Trump continued: “We all agree, Lorne Michaels is terrific. He’s a terrific guy. We sit down and we look at like 30… They have all these writers. I walk into the room. They’re all young and all up in your face. But they come up with many, many skits and you pick the ones you think you like.”

Trump is keeping any grand expectations in check: “I think some of it is going to be really great,” he tells O’Reilly, adding, “It’s work. I’m leaving here, I’m going over there for some more time. It’s work.”