Did Bob Costas Refuse To Fill In For Larry King On Thursday?

By Brian 

Bob Costas was scheduled to fill in for Larry King all week — but he refused to host the show last night because he “wouldn’t / couldn’t stand the subject matter, i.e. BTK, again, and the Holloway case.” That’s according to an anonymous tipster, who applauds Costas “for standing up for his principles in not dealing with ‘trash’ stories.”

On Wednesday night, Costas confirmed that he was substituting for King all week, and he hosted a panel on the BTK Killer. (The show got more than a million viewers, doubling Monday and Tuesday nights.)

But on Thursday night, attorney Chris Pixley hosted the hour, apparently filling in for Costas. He interviewed Beth Holloway Twitty and spent a long time talking about Natalee and the BTK case. Costas hasn’t responded to TVNewser’s request for comment…