Dick Parsons “Can Foresee” A Day When CNN Beats FNC

By Brian 

Time Warner chairman Dick Parsons was asked about the “dominance” of Fox News Channel at a Newhouse School event on Thursday.

“‘Dominance’ is a strong word,” Parsons began cautiously, measuring his words like the corporate lawyer he used to be, Jon Friedman writes.

“Parsons then said he ‘can foresee’ a day when CNN takes back the ratings lead from Fox — but tactfully declined to specify in what year (or decade — or century) that might occur.

Parsons then repeated the party line, that CNN is the most profitable of the cable news networks and it also has by far the classiest audience (That seems to be CNN-shorthand for saying, Hey, WE don’t have to rely on so many of those right-wing yahoos to make us successful — though we sure wish that we could boast more left-wing yahoos of our own!)

‘We strive to be fair and accurate,’ he said slyly, getting in a dig at Fox’s much-parodied ‘fair-and-balanced’ slogan.” More…