“CNN Is Not Even As Classy As Triple A Portland”

By Brian 

Kay McFadden hits the nail on the head:

  In the end-of-season style associated with failed baseball teams, CNN announced Wednesday that Anderson Cooper was in and Aaron Brown was out.

Well, sort of. The CNN press release noted that Cooper would “take the helm of a live news program” from 10 to midnight, preceded by “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer at 7, “Paula Zahn Now” at 8 and “Larry King Live” at 9 (all times Eastern).

Brown wasn’t mentioned anywhere — not even a “Thanks, and we wish him well in his future ventures.” It’s as if the man whose 9/11 coverage reverberated with viewers, and who brought a rare reflectiveness to cable’s choppy hubbub, had never existed.

All of which suggests that CNN is not even as classy as Triple A Portland, though its ratings make that an otherwise apt comparison. CNN has continued to struggle against first-place Fox News Channel in the second division of television news.

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