Cramer on Claman: “Turncoat”

By Chris Ariens 

B&C‘s Ben Grossman got CNBC’s Jim Cramer on the phone the other day (Cramer happened to have Fox Business on his TV at the moment).

“We have a competitor now in Fox and it is really important to destroy and mutilate them,” Cramer tells Grossman. “I’m not collegial. It’s personal.”

Grossman writes, “To prove his point, Cramer drops the word ‘turncoat’ when referring to Liz Claman, who jumped ship from CNBC to Fox Business this month.”

“If you want to lose half a billion, in the end someone will watch,” Cramer tells Grossman. “If your orientation is not to make money and you are as stupid as wood, you’ve got your station.”

And FBN’s reaction to Cramer’s comments: “That’s amazing — that’s exactly what Jim used to say about CNBC before we fired him. If you’re already unstable, scratching in the ratings apparently makes it worse.”