Couric Watch: Keep The Family Together!

By Brian 

Ont this weekend’s Reliable Sources, Howard Kurtz tried to ask Brian Williams about Katie Couric:

  KURTZ: CBS, according to several reports, trying very hard to hire your NBC colleague, Katie Couric, to anchor the “CBS Evening News,” to compete against you. That sounds like a pretty resistible offer.

WILLIAMS: Well, Katie is a — is a fabulous broadcaster, a terrific person, a very good friend. And as of the time we’re having this conversation, she is a member of my family. And like my own family, I believe all families work best when we stay together.

KURTZ: Have you offered any advice for staying at NBC?

WILLIAMS: I will not share any private communication I’ve had with my friend Katie. But she knows how I feel about this. And I’d like to see her stay right where she is.