CNN Pipeline: Soft Launch On Sunday

By Brian 

CNN wants a very “soft launch” for Pipeline, as the network’s decision to put the service online Sunday afternoon demonstrates. Links to Pipeline were posted on a slightly retooled home page, and the subscription windows were posted for customers.

Subscribing to the service is simple. Click over to, select an access option, fill in your billing and account information, and click submit. The Pipeline window opens immediately. CNN is offering three pricing options: $2.95 a month or $24.95 a year, including a 14-day free trial, or a 99 cent day pass for 24 hours. “Be there, LIVE and commercial free for as little as 99 cents,” the site says. “Control it. Watch it. Live.”

For a while on Sunday, Pipeline streamed CNN International in the main pipe, along with two Newssource feeds and a rolling weather update. During CNNI commercials, headline billboards filled the screen with music accompaniment. On Sunday night, the main feed switched to a “Countdown to Launch” (above).