Communists in Midtown?

By Chris Ariens 

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FNC’s Geraldo Rivera took his show At Large, outside Fox News’ Manhattan studios tonight. And while it began smoothly enough (Rivera on the Times Square big screen, welcoming his Avenue of the Americas guests), 33 minutes into the live broadcast, a group of 9/11 conspiracy theorists had shown up, placards in hand, ready to be heard. And they were.

As he was trying to get through a segment on what happens when a baby is left in a hot car, Rivera turned to the protesters saying, “if you hear the shouting it’s a group of demonstrators…9/11 was an inside job? Oh, Get a life!”

Rivera moved on with his guests, including legal analyst Jeanine Pirro. Then, as he tossed to a break said “when we come back we’ll take you into the secret world of restroom gay sex…I think these demonstrators are all into restroom gay sex.”

And so it continued for the rest of the show.

Coming back from break: “we’ve been surrounded by a activist, radical, I don’t know, communist group, I don’t know who the hell they are.”

Discussing the Sen. Larry Craig case: “As this group of misfits behind me…(shakes his fist). Oh I wish I could go over and get them (laughter).”

And closing out the show: “this is what happens when you go on the Panasonic Astrovision, every nut job in New York…”

While other shows might have thrown in the towel and gone back inside, Rivera stayed. Even his guests, including Bo Dietl, his brother Craig Rivera and Kyla Ebbert the micro-mini dress wearing, bumped Southwest Airlines passenger, took it all in stride, outside.

Rivera has taken his weekend show outdoors before. The question now, will At Large be outside next week?

>Update: Johnny Dollar has the video