Ratigan: Anchor, Cook & Self-Promoter

By Chris Ariens 

CNBC’s Dylan Ratigan is profiled in Sunday’s NYTimes… not in the business or arts sections, but rather in the Sunday Styles section. Reporter Abby Ellin writes, Ratigan’s “presence is part of CNBC’s plan to reach a younger group of affluent viewers — or those with affluent aspirations. Though the network will not admit to specifically targeting women, it doesn’t hurt that they respond to Mr. Ratigan.”

Here’s what you learn about the 35-year-old anchor. He gardens, cooks, has a man crush on Johnny Depp‘s Jack Sparrow character and “is an impeccable self-promoter.” Ellin writes, “Every few days, this reporter received a text or e-mail message from Mr. Ratigan: ‘Forgive me if I am too forward in offering this, but since I arrived at CNBC in 2003, no one has co-created more new shows — ‘Bullseye,’ ‘On the Money,’ ‘Fast Money’ and ‘Fast Money MBA Challenge — than I have. All but ‘Bullseye’ are still on the air.'”

Also, if you look closely at the picture (far left, in the blue oxford), it appears the photo was taken when ‘The Admiral’ Eric Bolling was still a part of the Fast Money team.