CNN’s Larry King Taking The Stand Today

By Brian 

CNN’s Larry King is expected to take the stand at the Michael Jackson trial today. But there’s a curious development: Judge Rodney Melville ruled on Wednesday “that he would hold a hearing outside the presence of the jury before he allows testimony by CNN host Larry King, who has been called as a defense witness, in order to determine what areas of questioning would be permissible,” according to

> From Wednesday’s ‘Nancy Grace:’ “Larry King was set to take the stand tomorrow. His attorney had a death in the family,” Jane Velez-Mitchell said. “They had wanted to postpone it, the judge scolded the defense, said, look we cannot go down. We have to keep witnesses moving through here. The clock is ticking. This is costing this county money. So, as far as we know, it may be Larry King may, indeed, testify tomorrow…”

> Meanwhile, says “sources have told CNN that King is expected to take the stand Thursday.” Incestuous much?

> Tuesday on ABC News Now (via Google Video): “Larry King will get on the stand and testify about a lunch he had with Larry Feldman, the lawyer for the family, who told Larry King it is about money.”