60 Min. Wed. Dead: Morning Papers

By Brian 

> Lisa de Moraes, Washington Post: “Cue outrage from The Reporters Who Cover Media and stories drenched with irony about the newsmag that brought down Rather getting canceled in the final act of this sad CBS News tragedy.”

> New York Times: Dan Rather will report for the Sunday edition. “Mr. Rather, whose contract does not expire until late 2006, said yesterday that his transition to the new job would begin immediately.”

> Hollywood Reporter: “Jeff Fager, the Wednesday show’s executive producer, had been doing double duty with his “60 Minutes” position after the departure of Josh Howard. He will return to the Sunday show full time, while senior producer Rome Hartman likely will go back to the Sunday show as well, sources said.”

> Variety: “We’re looking at the team on 60 Minutes Wednesday, at who behind the camera fits on Sunday or other CBS News programs and making those decisions as we speak,” Moonves said.

> More New York Times: 60 Min. Wed. staffers had an impromptu gathering late Wednesday afternoon. It “was raucous, and included beer, wine and whiskey. ‘People were reluctant to say goodbye,’ said a staff member.”

> More Washington Post: Moonves has replaced replaced 60 Min. Wed. “with the lamest of comedies, ‘Still Standing’ and ‘Yes, Dear,’ which, as one reporter noted eloquently afterward, is like ‘peeing on the grave.'”