Why a Sugar High is in the Making for Kate Bolduan’s Daughter

By Brian Flood 

CNN’s Kate Bolduan, co-host of At This Hour weekdays at 11 a.m. ET, has also been filling in on OutFront at 7 p.m. ET while Erin Burnett is out on maternity leave. We caught up with the former White House correspondent about how she got on the anchor track, her current co-anchor and plans for her daughter’s first birthday.

TVNewser: You’ve recently been filling in for Erin Burnett as the host of OutFront. When you cover for a colleague, does it become your show for the time being or did you constantly hear from Erin regarding the direction of the program?

Bolduan: My approach to filling in for a colleague is always that I’m minding the store while they’re away. To do that successfully I have to be myself and so I guess the show does become mine at least temporarily so they can enjoy their time off. And let’s be honest, my Erin Burnett impression isn’t yet ready for the stage. I’m also still perfecting the Donald Trump pout, shoulder shrug and “excuse me” gesture.  Stay tuned for that.


TVNewser: Can you tell us an embarrassing story about your At This Hour co-host John Berman? He won’t care.

John and Kate

Bolduan: I wish I had something juicy to share. There’s just nothing embarrassing to tell. He’s too perfect. Just ask him. 🙂

TVNewser: You’ve only been out of college for 10 years and you’re already all over CNN. What advice would you give to a young journalist who wants to be the next Kate Bolduan?

Bolduan: Know that there is no set path to success in this business anymore. Create your own path, be yourself and success will find you.

TVNewser: Your daughter Cecelia will have her first birthday next month. Any special party planned?

Bolduan: I can’t believe she’s almost a year old! Where has the year gone?! Admittedly I am a procrastinator and do my best work under pressure, so it should be no surprise the birthday plan is still a “work in progress.”  The only special thing I know we have planned at this point is giving sugar to Cecelia for the first time. Some deliciously sweet grocery store cake or something. Hello, sugar high! The cameras will be rolling.

TVNewser: OK, what’s your favorite meal? Exact restaurant and order, please.

Bolduan: I love eating out and, yes, there are amazing restaurants in NYC. But my favorite meal is always and forever my husband’s cheese fondue. He has this special, secret recipe and he makes it for me on special occasions. Every time, I eat enough for about four people… but it is so worth it.