Al Roker on Today: ‘Slowly But Surely, It’s Coming Back’

By Mark Joyella 

In an interview with Brian Kilmeade on Fox News Radio, Today co-host Al Roker said the NBC morning show is “coming back.”

Roker described the aftermath of Ann Curry‘s messy departure from the show amid an intense ratings challenge from ABC’s Good Morning America:

“At the time you don’t even know what to do, where to go or what to think. Then you calm down, we got a terrific executive producer and our guy Don Nash…our new news boss Deborah Turness….we have to be ourselves, we can’t be Good Morning America, we can’t be CBS This Morning, we just have to be The Today Show and we have done that. Slowly but surely its coming back.”


Roker said he doesn’t look at the ratings every day, but does review them at the end of each week. “I like to know what’s happening.” Roker also said Matt Lauer doesn’t get the credit he deserves “for being the broadcaster and journalist he is because he can go from interviewing the president of the United States to cooking segments with just the right touch.”

Talking about his days before Today, Roker told Kilmeade he “loves” Fox News chairman Roger Ailes:

“My first job in cable news, which was on CNBC, I was given a job by Roger Ailes, Roger AIles gave me a talk show, he is one of the best people I ever worked for, I love Roger Ailes.”