CNN’s Dana Bash Talks Politics and Parenting

By Mark Joyella 

CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash admits the nerves that nearly derailed her very first live shot (in 2008) haven’t entirely gone away. “My very first live shot was from the White House lawn. I literally almost threw up. I was so scared out of my mind. It was horrible,” she tells Elle. Asked when she got comfortable being on camera, Bash said “I’ll let you know when it happens!”

In the interview, Bash talks about being a single mom who takes time on the convention floor to FaceTime with her son, Jonah, who’s 5:

“This is very unusual for me to be away for two weeks. I actually brought my son and my nanny for a couple of days to the convention when he was younger,” Bash said. “But now, this would be horrible for him. He doesn’t want to be at a hotel, he’d much rather be at camp.”


Is Bash looking forward to a break after Election Day? “The problem is, with the new administration, there’s the transition, there’s the first 100 days. It doesn’t end,” Bash told the magazine. “It never ends.”