CNN to Examine ‘Broken Government’

By kevin 

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CNN launches its latest “Broken Government” series of reports and analysis next week, just a few days after Vice President Joe Biden declared on CBS: “Washington, right now, is broken.”

Segments will air throughout the day starting during “American Morning” and ending with “AC360” in the evening. Jack Cafferty hosts “Broken Government: A Cafferty File Special Report” next Friday at 7pmET.

Carol Costello and Dr. Sanjay Gupta deliver the first two segments on Monday’s “American Morning.” Costello reports on the middle class and Gupta reports on a Louisiana town’s struggle with the EPA.

TIME magazine, which featured “Why Washington Is Frozen” as its most recent cover story, has also partnered with CNN on the programming. You can read more about that, as well as the press release, after the jump.


Our superb TIME political team will be on CNN during the week, and in addition to the stories in this issue, we will be producing daily stories on Karen Tumulty will be writing on the filibuster, Jay Newton-Small on term limits, Michael Scherer on bipartisanship and Massimo Calabresi on investigating government. The series is being overseen by our Washington bureau chief Michael Duffy and Daniel Eisenberg, the executive editor of So tune in to CNN for a discussion of Broken Government starting Feb. 22, and check out our series on

Press release:

CNN Dedicates Week of Coverage to America’s Broken Government
Reporting and Analysis Across All CNN Platforms Beginning Monday Feb. 22

With constituents giving Congress one of its lowest approval ratings ever and politicians throwing in the towel, the issue increasingly uniting the right, left and middle is that the government is not working the way it should.

Beginning Monday, Feb. 22, CNN launches Broken Government, a multi-platform initiative to report in-depth on how the current environment in Washington as well as state capitals and small towns is disappointing and enraging many Americans and what solutions are being proposed to fix it.

As with the Stimulus Report, CNN will air several segments per hour from American Morning through Anderson Cooper 360, culminating in an hour-long special hosted by Jack Cafferty at 7p.m. Friday, Feb. 26 titled Broken Government: A Cafferty File Special Report.

Throughout the week CNN correspondents and contributors will file in-depth reports from around the country on issues including the debate over government spending, congressional gridlock, outrageous medical expenses, Wall Street bonuses, the disappearing middle class, and the rise of Independents as partisan extremism grows. CNN will bring its contributors and experts together–including TIME magazine correspondents–to offer diverse perspectives and analysis on these issues.