Dutch Treat: Speedskater Asks Reporter: ‘Are You Stupid?’

By Chris Ariens 

It’s not often you’ll hear a whole lotta Dutch on TVNewser, but there’s an exception with this clip. It’s an interview between Dutch TV and Olympic gold medal speedskater Sven Kramer. In the middle of this interview, there is a clip from an interview Kramer did with an ISB NBC affiliate reporter who asks him: “I need you to say your name and your country and what you just won here.”

“Are you stupid?” Kramer asks.

What Kramer perhaps did not know, is that it’s standard to ask interview subjects to say, and sometimes spell, their names on camera so it shows up correctly on air. However, the guy had just won a gold medal. Standard procedure could have been bypassed on this one.

> Update: The reporter works for ISB, not NBC.