CNN Pipeline: Initial Impressions

By Brian 

A few ‘net reactions to the launch of CNN Pipeline:

> Chaotic Convergence liveblogged the first few hours of the Pipeline. “Though there is room for improvement, I’d say it has been a good first day,” he says…

> TADSpot says he’s impressed: “This is a broadband only offering and the video quality is generally excellent.” Also, “the video offered on Pipeline is live. I’ve seen live video offerings before, but never so much at once and never at this quality…”

> Lost Remote: “At first glance, it’s very similar to CNN in style, although much slower paced. For example, Dr. Sanjay Gupta wrapped his bird flu piece live, and then he engaged in a five-minute Q&A with the anchor. They also tossed to a taped guest segment pulled from CNN’s American Morning…”

> “On a 0-10, it gets a solid 7.5 so far,” the What’s On Tonight blog says. “There’s nothing better than watching a live feed of heavy snow falling in Virginia when it’s sunny and 65 at your home…”