The CBS Evening News With…

By Brian 

Who needs CBS News? In a column for Forbes, former CBS correspondent David Andelman imagines if The Daily Show with Jon Stewart replaced the CBS Evening News:
“Would anyone really notice if there were simply five evening news broadcasts instead of six? CBS News, as it’s now constituted, might think so. I’m not so sure.”

Then he takes it a step further: “Turn The Morning Show over to the entertainment division, which does cooking shows and movie promos better anyway. Sunday Morning, 60 Minutes and Face the Nation can continue to totter along on their own without a whole bureau system and news infrastructure. I mean, they’re not even located in the main Broadcast Center on West 57th Street, though without that huge news operation to house, they might be able to move back into the home of the mother ship and save CBS a bundle on off-site rental costs.”

Here’s the full column…