CNN Moves ‘Full Return Date’ to Jan. 10, 2022

By A.J. Katz 

CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker announced back in August that WarnerMedia’s Sept. 7 (post-Labor Day) return to office date was being delayed to mid-October. It appears the delta variant has thrown a wrench into that plan, and now the company is making yet another change, delaying the full return to office date to January of next year.

One of the company’s staffers tweeted out the news not long ago.

However, Zucker reportedly added that he’s encouraging employees to begin phasing going into the office (which remains a voluntary option to employees) over the next few months. “I think you’ll find … it is actually pretty great,” Zucker says, adding, “The transition does not begin in January. It begins now.”

Just over a month ago, NBCUniversal announced that its full return-to-office date would be Oct. 18 “at the earliest.” It will be interesting to see if additional media companies, including NBCU, follow WarnerMedia’s lead and delay their full office return dates to 2022.