CNN Lebanon “Very Impressive”

By Brian 

“CNN was very impressive in Lebanon today” when Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel was killed, an e-mailer says. “Brent Sadler was on the ground getting all the big interviews and CNN has tapped all its regional players.”

According to TVEyes, CNN had the news at 9:17am, with FNC following at 9:32am and MSNBC coming in last at 10am. (But an e-mailer says Al Jazeera English had the news before anyone else.)

Sadler scored an exclusive interview with Saad Hariri, leader of the anti-Syrian parliamentary majority, shortly after the attack. “We believe the hand of Syria is all over the place,” Hariri told CNN. His comments were picked up by the AP and attributed to the news net.

CNN Pipeline is airing Lebanese TV right now…