CBSers Are “Tired Of Taking The Pounding From The Inside”

By Brian 

Yesterday, Roger Friedman said the negative comments about Katie Couric are coming from the inside. He pointed to Bob Schieffer as one of the leakers. Today he points to Lesley Stahl as well. Quote:

 Much of the finger-pointing at Schieffer and Stahl came out last Friday, I’m told, at a CBS Evening News staff meeting overseen by new exec producer Rick Kaplan

At some point, Kaplan asked if anyone had questions. A longtime, respected female producer cleared her throat and asked, ‘How long are we going to take this crap?’

It was a reference to the barrage of ad hominem attacks on Couric and the show.

‘The floodgates opened,’ my source said, ‘and all of a sudden everyone was talking about stuff they’d heard in the office, about all the people who’d said stuff.’

Certain CBS vets were described as ‘treasonous’ for the way they had behaved toward Couric.

‘The staff is behind Katie,’ another source said. ‘They’re mobilized now that it’s coming out about what’s happened inside.’

> Also: A source familiar with the situation tells TVNewser: “People are just tired of taking the pounding from the inside.” The source referred to people with “individual agendas” who are “distracting from the progress being made…”