CBS Announces Election Night Plans

By Chris Ariens 

With a week and a day until the election, CBS News has announced plans for election night. Katie Couric leads the best political team in the galaxy including Bob Schieffer and Jeff Greenfield and analysts Dan Bartlett and Dee Dee Myers.

“Couric and the CBS News team will be using interactive touch screens to bring viewers the most updated results and information in real-time,” reads the press release. Take that, John King. CBS Evening News EP Rick Kaplan, who oversaw election night 2004 at MSNBC, will produce Campaign ’08 election night coverage for CBS News.

The press release is after the jump…


Couric Will be Joined by CBS News Correspondents in New York, Washington, D.C., And Around the Country, Including Bob Schieffer, Jeff Greenfield, Sharyl Attkisson, Jim Axelrod, Armen Keteyian, Anthony Mason, Byron Pitts, Chip Reid and Dean Reynolds

CBS News Political Analysts Dan Bartlett and Dee Dee Myers Will Also Join Couric in New York

Live Webcast Anchored by Couric Will Follow Primetime/Early Morning Broadcast Coverage Will Provide Live Results, Updated Every 60 Seconds, On all Races

CBS Radio News Will Offer Simulcasts of CBS News Broadcast Coverage

Katie Couric will anchor CAMPAIGN 2008: ELECTION NIGHT, CBS News’ live, comprehensive broadcast and online coverage of Election Night 2008, on Tuesday, Nov. 4 (7:00 PM-2:00 AM, ET). Couric will be joined by a group of some of the most experienced political reporters in broadcast journalism, as well as correspondents and reporters around the country. Joining her in New York will be Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer, Senior Political Correspondent Jeff Greenfield, and CBS News correspondents Sharyl Attkisson, Armen Keteyian, Anthony Mason and Byron Pitts. CBS News Political Analysts Dan Bartlett and Dee Dee Myers and CBS News Historian Doug Brinkley will also join Couric in New York.

National Correspondent Byron Pitts will provide coverage and analysis of the Senate race results and Sharyl Attkisson will do the same for the House and governor races. Business Correspondent Anthony Mason will report on the night’s national and state exit poll results. Chief Investigative Correspondent Armen Keteyian and the CBS News Investigative Unit will following any possible voting problems and irregularities. Correspondent Chip Reid will be with Sen. John McCain in Phoenix and Correspondent Dean Reynolds will be with Sen. Barack Obama in Chicago. Chief White House Correspondent Jim Axelrod will be live at the White House with reaction and analysis from the Bush administration. Other CBS News correspondents will report live from key battleground states, which will be determined closer to election night, and on key Senate, House and gubernatorial races.

CBS News’ live coverage will include results and analysis of the presidential contest, as well as all Senate, key House of Representatives and gubernatorial races and votes on important referenda. Couric and the CBS News team will be using interactive touch screens to bring viewers the most updated results and information in real-time. The coverage will also include analysis of the national and state exit poll data from the CBS News Exit Poll Desk, using state-of-the-art technology to display vote counting and demographic data. CBS News correspondents and analysts will provide context for the data in an effort to explain how and why people voted the way they did.

As she has done after each day of the national political conventions and the debates, Couric will anchor a live Webcast on and beginning at approximately 2:00 AM ET, immediately following CBS News’ live broadcast coverage of the election results. The Webcast will include interviews and extended analysis from the CBS News Election Night team, as well as responses to viewer questions submitted online before and during the Webcast. The Webcast will remain available for on-demand viewing at, and CBS Mobile News and will be distributed to CBS Audience Network partners and fed to the CBS Television Stations, as well as CBS Radio News affiliates for insertion into their own programming or for podcasting

In addition, CBS News’ Campaign 2008 Website ( will provide the fastest, most reliable, most user-friendly election results available anywhere. Live results, updated every 60 seconds, for the presidential, Congressional and gubernatorial races will be available down to every county of every state. users will see official CBS News race projections as soon as they’re made by the Network’s Decision Desk. The same complete, detailed national and state exit poll data used by CBS News producers and correspondents will be available on as soon as the polls close in each state. Throughout the night, readers will be kept up-to-the-second with live blogging of the latest breaking news and details from across the country as they come into CBS News election headquarters. As important as what happens is why, and experts from the CBS News Election and Survey Unit will dig deep into exit poll voter trends and behavior throughout the evening. At the end of the night, will feature opinion and analysis commentary from our partners from across the entire political spectrum. Web users can also watch CBS News’ live election coverage anchored by Katie Couric, as well as live video of the key victory celebrations and concession speeches.

CBS Radio News will offer a variety of products for stations’ airwaves and websites for Election Night ’08. These will include long form anchored coverage beginning at 7:00 PM, ET; Special Reports and Updates through Wednesday morning. CBS Radio News will have correspondents and reporters with the candidates and stationed throughout the critical tossup states. CBS Radio News will offer simulcasts of the CBS News TV coverage for stations’ websites or HD Channels.

Rick Kaplan will produce Campaign ’08 Election Night coverage. Paul Friedman is Senior Vice President, News Coverage, CBS News.