CNN Breaks Into Comedy

By SteveK 

CNN’s foray into comedy/news hybrid programming debuts on Saturday at 10pmET, with the premiere of D.L. Hughley Breaks the News. Reaction around the web was mixed (pictured: Hughley interviews “Freddie Mack” during Saturday’s show):

• The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik thought the program was “off to a promising start.” He writes that, “Hughley’s best moments covering a span that started with a young Sammy Davis Jr. in the 1933 film Rufus Jones for President, and extended to an interview with Scott McClellan,” while, “The show’s worst moments involved Hughley interacting with some of CNN’s regular correspondents.”

While noting some segments worked better than others, Zurawik writes, “CNN could have a winner.”

• The Daily Voice’s Christopher J. Metzler writes the program “reinforces black stereotypes,” and puts the blame on both CNN and Hughley. “In the course of one hour, Hughley and his CNN producers managed to rearticulate the vilest stereotypes of blacks, especially the notion that at our core, black men are pimps and black women hoes,” he writes.

“Ostensibly liberal networks such as CNN get a pass as evidenced by the lack of outrage about this show and ostensibly conservative networks such as Fox get pilloried as evidenced by the fact that Bill O’Reilly was taken to task for his comments about the ‘normal’ atmosphere at Sylvia’s restaurant in Harlem,” writes Metzler.

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