Cavuto To Couric Critics: Relax!

By Brian 

On Friday’s Your World, Neil Cavuto responded to critics of Katie Couric. Some say that “she’s not ready for serious ‘anchor-dom’ because of some of her not so serious work on the ‘Today Show,'” he said.

“Here’s my message to those serious journalist critics: Get over yourselves. And get over old notions that journalists can’t laugh, joke or poke fun of themselves. Or that they can’t be human. Because here’s a news flash even you could comprehend: Anchors ‘are’ human.

I’ve seen Katie deftly go from hard-hitting interviews with presidents to hard-boiled eggs in a cooking segment. Just like I’ve seen the executive dad come home and take his kid to soccer practice. Or that kid’s soccer mom juggle that family’s finances. We can do a lot, us humans — us anchors too.”

Then Cavuto turned to the critics again:

“Maybe the reason a lot of you supercilious critics are bitching about Katie and what she ‘can’ do is because of the simple fact you’ve looked at your own sorry super serious, arrogant lives and realized… what you can’t.

And maybe the reason Katie’s looking at some serious money now is because she never quite took herself so seriously in the first place.”