Capus Tops TV Week’s 10 Most Powerful

By SteveK 

TV Week’s Michele Greppi writes this year’s list of TV News’ 10 Most Powerful People, and moves NBC News president Steve Capus up one spot from last year to #1.

“The NBC News ship, which last year seemed to have sprung a few worrisome leaks, is once again sailing upright and steady as she used to go,” writes Greppi.

Finishing second this year is FNC and FBN chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, who had placed first last year.

Despite being, “consistently among the 10 most-watched channels in the cable world,” Greppi writes, “FNC has been oddly low-profile and sotto voce in the most portentous political year in memory despite the presence of Karl Rove in Fox News’ pundit pack.”

Farther down the list are some on-air talent, like NBC’s Tim Russert, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and FNC’s Bill O’Reilly.

Related: Inside Cable News gives its take — Ailes at #1, and a spot in the top 10 for Phil Griffin (NBC SVP) and Mark Hoffman (CNBC President).

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Rank Name Position
1 Steve Capus NBC News president
2 Roger Ailes FNC/FBN chairman and CEO
3 David Westin ABC News president
4 Tim Russert NBC Washington bureau chief
5 Jim Walton/Jon Klein CNN Worldwide and CNN/U.S. president
6 Keith Olbermann MSNBC anchor
7 Bill O’Reilly FNC anchor
8 Sean McManus CBS News president
9 N.S. Bienstock Agency
10 Stewart/Colbert/Amy Poehler Comedy Central hosts, SNL cast member