Brian Williams, Back From Surgery, Anchors on NBC

By Chris Ariens 

Brian Williams makes his return to NBC News this afternoon as he anchors a special report on the breaking news from Los Angeles, as the LA Unified School District gives an update on the system-wide school closure today.

This will be Williams’ first appearance on NBC in almost a year, since his suspension, and eventual removal from NBC Nightly News. With Lester Holt out sick today, Williams will be pitching to anchor the special report at 1 p.m. ET. Williams returned to his role as MSNBC breaking news anchor yesterday after undergoing surgery for lower back problems last week. Pete Williams in Washington and Joe Fryer in Los Angeles will also take part. The special report will simulcast on MSNBC and

Update: Williams broke in at 1:04 p.m. ET: “Good day from New York and quickly now to Los Angeles and a news conference by, among others, the superintendent of schools about the momentous and first-time ever decision there today to close all the schools in the L.A. Unified School District.” The special report aired until 1:18 p.m. “To those joining us on the NBC television network, there will be much more on this story–of course, news as it happens, we’ll come on the air–on your early local news and, of course, tonight a complete wrap-up on NBC Nightly News. Our coverage continues live on MSNBC. For now, I’m Brian Williams in New York.”