America Says #ThankYouWillard

By Chris Ariens 

Willard Scott got a send-off befitting America’s weatherman this morning. Al Roker joined Scott at his home in Virgina as the rest of the team bid farewell from Studio 1A. A touching video set-up included memories from Katie Couric, Jane Pauley and Tom Brokaw. Matt Lauer unveiled the renaming of West 49th St. Willard Scott Way, Roker presented his “second dad” an antique box that played the NBC chimes, and the celebration ended with a serenade of Happy Trails.

Scott was also given special messages from former Today show film critic Gene Shalit, former First Lady Barbara Bush and the entire Smucker’s company, which has sponsored–and will continue to sponsor–the centenarian birthday greetings. (Former Today show anchor Bryant Gumbel was not a part of the celebration. A memo he wrote in 1988 criticizing Scott, which was intended to be private, was leaked to the media.) #ThankYouWillard has been trending on Twitter all morning.