Brent Musburger Will Tone It Down For BCS Game

By Marcus Vanderberg 

If Brent Musburger appears quieter than usual tonight during the BCS National Championship game on ESPN, it’s intentional.

“I’ll be quieter than usual, won’t try to over talk,” Musburger told USA Today. “I know they’ll be some people who, believe it or not, won’t know where Auburn is, so we’ll mention it. But I think the bigger the game, the less you need an announcer. I’ll just let people enjoy it.”

That doesn’t mean Musburger will shy away from discussing the allegations surrounding Heisman Trophy winner and Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.


“You have to talk about it,” says Musburger. “It’s relevant because a lot of people know some of the headlines, but not the details. Obviously, we won’t linger on it. But you have to talk about the investigation and how he handled the pressure and kept on going. Because it was a remarkable performance, pretty special, given all the allegations swirling around him.”

What’s the over/under on the first Cecil Newton reference? Before kickoff?